Why ‘The Office’ is the Easiest Sitcom to Rewatch

Now being off the air for over half a decade, The Office still continues to gain...

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Sounds of Tomorrow: #8 Black$hear

Black$hear’s music can be found on all streaming platforms. On SoundCloud...

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Why We Need College Sport Video Games Back

On July 9th 2013, EA released the final installment of their NCAA football games. Following this year there was a dispute between the company and...

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The Sinking Ship of Society

Alright I am finally at my wits-end with this gruesome, disgusting excuse for a society in America. But the worst part is...

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Which Bundesliga Team You Should Follow Based on Your NFL Team

Despite soccer not being followed by many in the United States, the Bundesliga is worth the watch, with elite clubs...

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Best Quarantine Beer

Quarantine has been horrible. Not being able to go out and booze with the boys or sip chardonnay with the girls has been a real bummer...

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A Response to Cap’s Vile Cyclist Article

Recently ReRack’s scaliest lizard, Sir Cap, wrote an article bashing cyclists. Truly baffling. How could you hate a cyclist?

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