Do The Deal, Klentak, and Trade For Arenado

Tweets have surfaced on social media this week claiming that Nolan Arenado feels...

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Alright Boomer Yankee Fans, It’s Time to Stop Being Stupid.

The Yankees 2019 season ended in probably the most upsetting situation possible, with DJ giving every Yankee fan hope with his two-run shot at the top of the ninth of game six...

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Cheating Scandal Catches Up To Beltran

The New York Mets and Carlos Beltran have both agreed to go on separate paths in light of the recent investigations into sign-stealing by the Houston Astros...

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MLB Announces Punishment for Astros Cheating Scandal. What Did They Find? Was it Enough?

On Monday, Major League Baseball announced that they had concluded their investigation into the Astros and allegations stating they were stealing signs during the 2017 season...

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What The Phillies Need In Order To Make The Playoffs in 2020

Last year in 2019, The Philadelphia Phillies went 81-81, just a season after going 80-82...

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Dingers & Stingers Baseball Podcast

Welcome to Dingers & Stingers a brand new all-around baseball podcast brought to you by ReRack Network, and hosted by Cory Harbatkin, Justin Tobolsky, and Jesse Abrams...

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For the 2020 Red Sox Season, Alex Cora’s Departure Could Be a Blessing in Disguise

First things first, Alex Cora got fired. Don’t get it twisted. Yes, the Boston Red Sox called it a mutual parting of ways but we all know if you do something bad and go on to lose your job because of it, you got fired....

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Put Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame Already

Love me, or hate me (especially after my Eagles tirade), but the best hitter in the history of baseball needs to make baseball’s greatest fraternity — Barry Bonds...

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Why The New York Mets Will Win The 2020 World Series

The New York Metropolitans have been the model of mediocrity for years in baseball. They haven’t won the big one in 33 going on 34 years now...

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