Rumor: Tom Brady Has Bought Property in Las Vegas; Potential Future Raider?

Besides the Super Bowl coming up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, the biggest story around the National Football League has been Tom Brady and his upcoming unrestricted free agency. While there has been plenty of chatter about Brady and what has been happening outside of football over the last few weeks, today there may have been an interesting development.

Brandon Lang, a professional handicapper, appeared on Boston’s number one sports talk radio show “Felger & Mazz” Tuesday and dropped some very interesting information. Tom Brady has bought the property in Las Vegas. In the 2005 film Two for the Money, Matthew McConaughey portrayed Lang in a story about his come-up in the world of sports gambling.

During the first hour of the “Felger & Mazz” program on Tuesday, host Mike Felger asked Lang to “handicap Brady’s next landing spot”. Lang mentioned that the three possible options are New England, Los Angeles (Chargers), and the Las Vegas Raiders. He elaborated on the possibility of Vegas by saying “Word on the street is, he bought a home in Vegas… that’s what my friends in real estate (said), I live in Vegas. He was there for the fight (UFC 246). Word is he bought property or he inquired about buying property but that’s what I heard (Brady buying a property in Vegas)”.


Wow. That could be a huge development in the story of Tom Brady’s offseason. Rumors about Brady going to play for Las Vegas started to heat up once he was spotted chatting it up with Raiders owner Mark Davis at UFC 246 a few weekends ago. Maybe there was more to that conversation than just a friendly catching up between the two prominent football figures. It could give reason to why Brady was in Las Vegas in the first place.

Since the Patriots were defeated by the Tennessee Titans on Wild Card Weekend, there have plenty of rumors regarding Tom Brady’s future. Despite this news and other rumors heard in the last month, I think the world is still far away from learning what Tom Brady will be doing next year. But I think it is safe to say, for the first time in his career, Tom Brady is truly considering playing football in a uniform that is not a New England Patriots’.

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