The Sinking Ship of Society

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Alright I am finally at my wits-end with this gruesome, disgusting excuse for a society in America. But the worst part is that every countries’ bullshit is connecting, and we are becoming normalized and comfortable with building a shit culture based on stimulation and self-gratification.

If you haven’t read “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, then you better study up now, because it’s a basic blueprint for where our lives are headed. That’s right, the Orwellian dream of “1984” has been derailed by our depressing addiction for dopamine and shit drama.

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But the thing I came here to discuss today is one of the main staples of how far we have fallen: that is the SEXUALIZATION OF UNDERAGE AND TEENAGE GIRLS. I want to vomit in the face of anyone contributing to exploiting these young females and making society COMFORTABLE WITH LITTLE GIRLS SHAKING THEIR ASSES ONLINE. You all make me sick, and I don’t give a damn what you say about this because I have seen what you cheer for you fat perverted pigs. We currently have a sharp rise of people attempting to be inclusive for sex workers and to show some respect to the heathens that never respected themselves.

Sex is a natural occurrence, and will always be a prevalent part of relationships but exploiting yourself to the world for money is no fucking talent and it should never be praised in any form. OnlyFans and TikTok have turned 80% of this population into people who never leave their houses. Those same people then try to chime in on every social, political and economic matter when they never even step outside their own front door to experience life.

I understand that the coronavirus has taken all your joy away and you feel empty, but that is your fucking fault. If you haven’t even stepped outside to go for a walk this week then you are exactly who I am talking about that mix into this grander issue at hand. All of you basement dwellers have no idea what life is because you live it through a screen, and you think that if you are simply nice and let other people do whatever they want then you are a good person…wrong.

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Most of us are too passive in this day and age. You let someone with a shitty opinion and little conviction walk all over you and force you to think the way that they do. Just look at Mark Hamill for instance. The man used to be Luke Skywalker, and now he is a bonafide scrub who lets people with anime avatars on Twitter tell him what he should think. Don’t be a sheep and wake up to what is happening around us right now.

SO, with that let’s get into it deeper.

It has become quite evident that TEENAGE GIRLS are taking social media by storm, and I would not give half of a loose shit if they were not exploiting their bodies and being sexualized for monetary gain and a life of fame. Just the other day, Cosmopolitan posted a story about a TikTok star named Charli D’amelio, addressing her recent bikini picture.


If you do not see the issue here, then you are the problem. There is also little to no regulation on NSFW and sexual content across the board of social media. As a result, it PRE-EXPOSES children from ages as young as 9 years old(assuming this is the age they receive their first phone nowadays), all the way to men ages 35 or even older. These older men prey on young girls and, play with their mutilated penises to this free market content of YOUNG GIRLS BEING EXPLOITED AND/OR EXPLOITING THEMSELVES.

We are creating a culture that does not respect people’s bodies or their privacy, and the worst part is that our society is COMFORTABLE with it. Too often we let things slide and this cannot become an extension of what we as HUMANS represent. After all of this, do not take it the wrong way, I love women, and I believe they should be able to express themselves as they see fit. However, if it were men flashing their dicks and assholes all over twitter, I am 100% certain that the movement would be taken down faster than you can say SEX OFFENDER.

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We are developing a lustful society that runs on horniness and it must end now and if it continues then only time will tell how fucked up kids’ minds will be in 10 years.


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