Why We Need College Sport Video Games Back

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On July 9th 2013, EA released the final installment of their NCAA football games. Following this year there was a dispute between the company and the NCAA that caused EA to stop production of the game. EA had stopped production of NCAA basketball several years before this too, the last game coming out in 2009. Ever since, there has been no real competition for the two major sport games played in America Madden and 2K. I believe that EA needs to do whatever it takes to begin producing these games again. It would be the best thing for sport video games going into the next generation of consoles.

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While the 4th generation of video consoles has seen great improvement in visual graphics, many complain about these new games. The most common complaint that I have heard and have even exclaimed a few times is that the companies release the same game year after year. The only reason to even buy these new games anymore is because of the updated rosters and the fact that the online features don’t work on old games after a while. While 2K and EA still implement new modes into their games but these new modes are not as creative as ones that we have seen in past generations of consoles.

To me the reason why these companies have been lacking in these new modes is because there is no competition for them anymore. While Madden and NCAA were both made by the same company it created a sense of competition between the two games. There is still in 2020, seven years after the release of the most recent NCAA game, a good amount of people that still choose to play the old NCAA games over the newer and more visually pleasing madden games. This alone shows that there is something to those older games that the newer ones lack.

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If you were to take a poll on what the best football video game ever made is many people would refer back to the last generation of consoles. For me it’s NCAA 14. Many other people refer to NFL 2K5 or Madden 08. The thing is that all these games were made out of the fire of competition. NFL 2k5 was released at $20 as a middle finger to EA and madden. With NFL 2k21 on the way I think it is very likely we will get a new version of an NCAA game from EA.

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